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April 2, 2012
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You sat on the steps of your boyfriend's door, head in hands. You had gone too  far with your Russian exchanged boyfriend Ivan Braginski. It's not like you didn't love him. Actually  he meant the world to you. You had been avoiding him at school. Whether it was running the opposite  direction or hiding your now noticeable stomach.

Ivan on the other  hand thought something else was going on. He thought the worst. You sigh to yourself and you find the courage to knock on his door.
Natalia, Ivan's younger sister opened the door. She gave you the famous 'bitch stole my brother look' before pointing you to Ivan's room.
Putting one hand across your stomach, using the other to knock on his door, you knock lightly.
Ivan opened the door with a surprised look
"(y/n), what are doing here?" Ivan says
"Hey! I am your girlfriend, I am allowed to visit you!"
"Da!  Da, of course you are but haven't you been avoiding me?"
You suddenly felt bad. You hadn't realized that he thought you were going to dump him. Tears filling your eyes, you pulled him in for a tight hug.
"Something's wrong da?"
"Da, Ivan I don't know how to tell you this but, but I-!"
"Don't do it (y/n)! I Love you!" Ivan cries out terrified
"Ivan Im not breaking up with you its just you don't want to be with me!" You cry tears pouring out
"(Y/n) whatever it is we will make it through da?"

"Ivan I'm pregnant!!!!!"  you cry  out not knowing what else to say.
He stares at you for a moment then kisses you full on the lips with so much passion you thought you were going to be stuck there.
"(Y/n)!!!!! I love you, and our new child will be as beautiful you!" Ivan says tears forming in his eyes
"and he or she shall help me take back Lithuania and Latvia da?"
You giggled he was deffinitly the one. You were ready for the baby how bad could it be?

~first doctor appt.~ (w/ Ivan)  

You lied down on the hospital bed. Ivan grabbed your hand holding it close to him. The doctor came in smiling. He pulled up your shirt and started put the cold gell on your stomach. You started wiggiling uder it. You turn to see Ivan with a dark evil smile under his breath he started muttering

You see his head snap up and he smiles
"Will you get me some water?"
"Da, sweetheart"
"спасибо"(1) You reply
Ivan walked out of the room slowly giving the doctor one last look (death glare) at the doctor.
"Overprotective?" The doctor asks
"Yup, but I love him."
Well heres your child. you turn your focus to the ultrasound screen.
"IVAN!!!" You scream for him loudly enough.
"What? whats wrong with our baby?" He screams
"Nothing its perfect!" You cry
'damn hormones;
Ivan puts his hands on your shoulders affectionatly.

~you are now 7 months pregnant~

You stood infront of the mirror.
'Holy shit am i fat or what'
just  then you got a wave of morning sickness.
This is hell.

~You have reached 9 months~
Tangled up in your sheets you noticed they were soaking wet.


I called Ivan.
Within three minuts later he pulled up n your drive way.
"Get in (y/n)!!!"

After 2 hours of intense labor the doctor finally told you to start pushing.

"Ivan! I cant, I cant do it!!!!"
"(y/n) you are beautiful, strong women and you can do it."

After 3 intense pushes, you hear a new sound in the hospital a cry of new life.
Tears once again filled your eyes.
It was your babby boy. Ivan stared at you tears pouring from his eyes.
That was his family now. You and the baby were the onlything that matterd.  
There we go
This is for ThePrincessOfChaos
I hope you like it
if you dont ill try agian sorry
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