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Prussia x Reader Angel Wings
"I'll reach for your hand in the cold of winter, I'll reach for your hand in the heat of summer. But if my short life can't reach the dawn of spring, I promise, in heaven, I'll reach you with my wings. "  
You had been dating Prussia for a year when his country had dissolved. You were madly in love with him and vice versa. He and you had been through so much.
You breathed out watching a puff of white dissolve in the air. You were freezing but your boyfriend Gil loved the weather and wanted to spend as much time as he could playing in the snow with his beautiful girlfriend.
"(Y/n)! Come on and build a snow fort with me." Gil whined over at you .
"But I'm to cold!" you cried back.
"Zhat is nozhing the great Prussia can handle." He says stumbling over to you.
You smiled, that was what you loved about Gil, the vulnerable, romantic Gilly. The one that cried when Elizveta had dumped him to Rodrich, you still remembered the night he stumbled over to your house, broken an
:iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 50 14
So I found this awesome website that had the most beautiful love quotes so I was like 'hey why don't I turn theme into a series for each country' lol so anyway heres the line up
1.) Prussia
2.) Germany
3.) Denmark
5.) Italy
7.) Lithuania
8.) Canada
9.) Spain
11.) Norway
12.) Romano
Just a preview of the order I'm doing them by order of the quotes so the gapes is where I couldnt find a person that fit the quote.
UP first is...
:iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 2 0
Might As Well Be Mars [England x Reader]
You walked by the most popular boy in school, Arthur Kirkland, devilishly handsome and a true gentleman.  The truth was you were just another fangirl, in love with him. His British accent drove you mad. But even you knew that he was just like a famous person, a boy on a poster. You had relised that for a while. Its not like you were a nobody, you had a lot of friends. But Hetalia High was a big school and you were a wall flower compared to some of the girls like the ever so beautiful Francine  or Alfie F. Jones. Both cheerleaders and both rumored to be dating Arthur, or the beautiful Seychelles.
You decided to just forget about your crush. When all of a sudden fate stepped in.
You found yourself sitting in the music room writing music , humming to yourself.
"they tell me it's nice this time of year..."  You smiled and picked up you pencil and wrote it down.
"hmmmhumhumhum, hum, hum, hummm" you hummed to yourself.  Your crush on Arthur had sparked
:iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 34 8
Anyone have any good Story ideas (no lemons )....
up there^^^
:iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 2 14
Spain x Reader Give Your Heart a Break Chap. 2
"I don't know mi quidra"
Spain replied, the look on his face had said it all.
"Look I love mi Lovinia with all my heart but you attract me."
And with those words you became the sexy Spaniards booty call. Every time him and Lovina got into a fight he would text you 3 words that told you to get over there right away .
R u there?
~time skip~
You fixed your hair, putting your clothes back on you kissed Antonio's cheek and walked out.
"Te amo" He called out as you walked to your car.
"Don't say things you don't mean," You called back in spite towards him.  
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*  @ School ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*
"Hey  ____, Wait up!" You heard a voice yell at you from across the hallway.
"Oh hi Tim," You acknowledged the Dutchman
"So Bella (1), and I were talking and she told me that I needed a girlfriend so the first girl I thought of was you."
You blushed at his complement. But the first thing that popped into your head was Antonio,
how would he feel?
:iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 13 4
Popular!Prussia X Reader (Chapter 1)
It's funny how classified the school you went to was. With the Jocks, Cheerleaders, the potheads, and then there was of course the most popular of the school the Bad Touch Trio,
Antonio, was a kid from Spain dating a boy by the name of Lovino who would constantly get threats from Antonio's crazy fan girls.
Francis, a man whore from France, had every girl wishing she was the one getting sexually harassed by him.
But the most popular was a guy named Gilbert Beilshdmit, the self-proclaimed AWESOME Prussian. His snow white hair and red eyes were mysterious and had all the girls drooling when he walked through the door of the school. You on the other hand would not fall for this deviously handsome teen. You hated him. You were a pretty girl who refused to fall to the system.
That's why you couldn't understand why he would never leave you alone.
Like yesterday for instance
"Hey _____!" You heard Gilbert or Gil call
You were
:iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 38 24
VOTE PLZ: as a bonus your can request the country!
Hey all I wanted to do some new seiries something fun but idk what to do
plz vote!!!
Modle!Reader x Characters
popular!Characters x reader
or songfic seiries
:iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 0 6
Mature content
Spain x Reader Give Your Heart A Break *Prolouge* :iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 21 7
Okay writing a country x annorexic reader
fan fic but i cant decide on a country so ima leave it up to the people
so go ahead an vote :)
:iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 1 20
Kiss Me in the Rain (ItalyxReader)
***~~~ flashback~~~***
You stared at your older sister.
She was beautiful and had everything going for her, a steady boyfriend, friends and a
loving family.
You had always looked up to her even as a child.
"_____, you want to know the one thing I really want like really badly?"
"I want to be kissed like in one of those horribly cheesy romantic movies; I want to be
kissed in the rain."
"Why?" you were taken aback by your sister's dream."
"Because during those romantic moments it's always as if it happens when there is no hope then that one kiss brings life back into that person." She gives you a distant smile.
***~~~ End Flashback~~~***
You had always loved your sister. She was innocent and beautiful. That's why when you found out that she had been raped and murdered you fell into a deep depression. You started to slowly withdraw from your friends.
At the funeral you couldn't speak to anyone. Not even your best friend, Feliciano Vargas.
The sunny Italian had been your best friend
:iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 101 19
Princess and the Mochi (Mochi!AlfredxReader) prt.1
You looked down at your lap to see a white ball in your lap.
You pick it up and it rotates around.
You notice a face with transparent blue eyes and a rather creep mouth.
You smile at it, then something completely weird happens… it starts licking your face.
"Woah, what the…"
Then you hear a knock on your door.
"Princess, your fiancée is here," One of your servants say.
"okay," you say then turn to whatever the hell the thing in your lap "Do not move I will
be down in a little bit.
It smiles then you hug it. 'What harm could it do?' you thought to yourself.
It barriers its face in your chest which was pretty exposed in the outfit you were warring.
"I'll be right back." You say kissing the top of his head.
"Honey," Your dad says holding you. "Meet your fiancé, Francis."
"Oh hell no!" you scream
You had met Francis at secondary school and even then he was a pervert.
:iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 96 28
The Princess and the Mochi (Mochi!AlfredxReader)
You spent your days waiting and hoping that your prince would one day come.
But alas your father king Authur (im not creative) had arranged a marrige with a prince from England trying to unite the two countries together therefor ending wars.
You went to your window glancing at the sky when you heard a knock on your door.  
You opend it to see your sister Erin come in.
"What do you want?" You asked not moving your gaze from the window.
"I came to tell you that dad wishes to see you soon," She says exiting
You sighed turning your head. And in that moment what fell from the window would change your life forever.
You looked down to see...
:iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 51 18
Spain X Reader Satellite (songfic)
*~I went everywhere for you
I even did my hair for you
I bought new underwear, they're blue
And I wore 'em just the other day~*
"Antonio, aren't we going out tonight?" you called to your Spanish boyfriend
"Yes mi lovely (Y/N)."
"Got it, what time to I have to get ready by? " you reply
You looked at the clock realizing that you had about 2 hours to get ready. After taking a shower you blow-dried your hair. Then took a curling iron and started to create soft curls. You grabbed your VS bag pulling out the cute blue Pink brand underwear with the statement on the back saying "Where's the Party?"  you smiled to your self as you  threw on a nice black dress on. Then  going over your lips with a nice scarlet color.
Antonio thought you look drop dead sexy.
*~Love, you know I'll fight for you
I left on the porch light for you
Whether you are sweet or cruel
I'm gonna love you either way~*
As you got to the restaurant looking like Antonio's hooker you noticed t
:iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 14 3
It's Gotta Be You (Mathais x Reader) preview
"Don't go," he said his finger tips brushing your skin.
"Mathais, I cant do this" you voice shook as you tried to maintain your impassive state.
"(Name), it was innocent flirting it means nothing and I will only love you."
Tears well up in your eyes and your hands were shaking. You loved him but was he worth it?
:iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 19 3
Mature content
Sleep Deprivation part 3 (Germany x Reader)CRACK :iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 14 21
Mature content
Part 2 S and What (Germany X Reader) CRACK :iconmrsprussia:MrsPrussia 21 15


Punk!England x Reader: She's a Rebel-1
Warning: Reader Insert, Lemon in the next chapter
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia,  you or any of the song
Summary: Arthur Kirkland was the punk rocker of your dreams. He went to the same  school as you but never seemed to notice you, that is until he heard your band play. Punk!England x Reader. Reader Insert. Lemon in second chapter.
Hey guys, another reader insert and this time with Punk!England. I hope you enjoy. The second chapter will contain lemon, I promise. Enjoy and please let me know what you think and what reader inserts you’d like to read next!
You peeked out at the crowd from backstage with a smile; you and your band were playing at a big punk rock festival in your area. You were up next and planned to play a small set with some of your favorite songs in it. When looking out you caught a glimpse of...him. You let out a surprised gasp and your heartbeat sped up a little. You doubled checked to b
:iconangelofitalia:AngelofItalia 216 53
Punk!EnglandXShy!Reader Chapter 1
You alarm went off and you peacefully opened one of your eyes to see what time it was. It said 5:30, and your high school starts at 7:15. You didn't want to be late for your first day of school. You slowly got up and turned off your alarm clock. You decided to wear the red plaid jumper as a corset-style back in addition to its suspenders with the petticoat underneath it. You grabbed them from the hanger, grabbed clean panties and walked to your bathroom to talk a shower. The water felt so warm and refreshing. Once you were done, you grabbed your towel and got out of the shower. You looked at yourself in the mirror, you decided to put a little bit of blush on your cheek, and you thought it looked cute. You dried you hair with another towel and started to brush your (h/s) (h/c) hair until it was silky smooth. You decided to put a small ribbon in your hair, much like Lilli when she puts ribbons in her hair. You two would always do each other's
:iconteengirlwolf0123:TeenGirlWolf0123 101 100
Cry Punk!EnglandXReader REQUEST
††"(Name)," my father called to me from downstairs, "The foreign exchange student is here! Come downstairs and say hello." Hearing this, I hurry downstairs, not wanting our guest or my father to wait. In a flash, I'm at the front door, eager to greet the foreign exchange student from England.
††"Hello," I said pleasantly, sticking my hand out for him to shake, "I'm (Name). What's your name?" I quickly do a once-over inspection of the boy. He had shaggy blonde hair, striking green eyes, and overly large eyebrows that looked surprisingly handsome on him. He was also wearing a union jack t-shirt, torn up, black skinny jeans, and combat boots. Looking closer, I also realized he had his ear pierced with a metallic stud; a big no-no in my father's opinion.
††"My name is Arthur Kirkland. It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, love," he says, taking my hand. But instead of shaking it, he brings it to his face and brushes his lips against my knuckles. Cue a blush from me. He dresses like a
:iconxtwisted-minds:xTwisted-Minds 184 87
LittleReaderxNordics- The Boyfriend
It has some reader x Prussia since he's the (awesome) boyfriend~ Sorry if he's a little OOC. ^.^"
~16 Years Old~
She laughed at the joke the Prussian next to her made. Just her age and in her class, it was only a matter of time until the two of them had begun dating. The couple was completely oblivious to the ten eyes observing them.
"Why wouldn't (Name) tell us she had a boyfriend?" Tino sobbed as Mathias looked through his binoculars out the car window.
"That boy better not try anything. He sure looks like the type to try," Mathias growled, glaring daggers at the albino who continued to entertain (Name).
"You're one to talk," Lukas commented, never letting his eyes leave the situation playing out in front of them.
"HEY!" Mathias protested, looking back at Lukas.
"It's true," Emil muttered and snatched the binoculars from the distracted Dane to get a better look at the couple. Their bickering stopped when they heard the sound of the door opening, and they all turned t
:iconforever-n:Forever-N 467 115
:.SpainxReader: Vacation.:
You had just departed a plane that had taken you to the sunny nation known as Spain. The country of passion, as you would call it whenever it was mentioned. It was a place that was filled with many exotic dances, spicy and delicious food, and glorious scenery. The beaches were the best out of it all. You had always wanted to visit Madrid, which was the capital of the Spanish country. There were many other places you wanted to see, which included Barcelona, Puerto de Santa Maria, Gibraltar, and so many more places. You had a three week vacation, and you wanted to make the best of it. Granted, this was your first visit, but you had no fear, for you had a map of the entire nation. You started off with finding your hotel.
After you had picked up your baggage from the luggage belt, you walked out of the airport and were immediately washed with rays of sunlight. It felt nice and warm against your (s/c) skin. Your lips curled up in a soft smile. The bustling of Spanish natives swarmed the str
:iconfearmypiplup:FearMyPiplup 137 31
Karaoke Prussia x Reader Super Pyscho love.
Karaoke: Prussia x reader
Song: Super pyscho love
Country: Prussia
You smirked, Oh yes, you knew who this song was going out to, it was none other than the awesome empire himself,
He had broke up with you a year ago, and started to date Hungary. God, how it made your blood boil. But, thing is, you wanted him. You stalked him, watched him, and etc.
You could say you were his Belarus, or you were obsessed with him, but that's because you were.
You skimmed over the lists of songs until you found the one.
You skipped over to the mike and motioned Misscheeseycake to start the song, which she did,
Everyone watched you with curiosity as you began to sing.
    "Something lately drives me crazy
     Has to do with how you make me
       Struggle to get your attention
    Calling you brings apreh
:iconmisscheeseycake:misscheeseycake 45 9
My 'Awesome' Pen Pal (Prussia x Reader) Chapter 8
The next morning found you and Gilbert getting ready to leave for Starbucks. Gilbert checked his wallet, making sure he had enough money to buy two cups of coffee, and smirked when he had the right amount. He put his wallet away in one of his pockets just as his bedroom door opened. Gilbert quirked a brow at his younger brother, who had a slight curious look in his eye.
"Uh hey, Ludwig. Guten Morgen."
"Ja, Guten Morgen to you too, bruder." Gilbert continued to get ready, but couldn't help but notice that Ludwig was still there, staring at him. Gilbert turned back towards his brother.
"Did you need somezhing?"
"Has it ever occured to you zhat you have acted strangely yesterday?" Gilbert blinked.
"No, but since you said it, you must have noticed somezhing. Vhat changed, bruder?"
"Vell, you've been acting like you vere around Elizaveta again." Gilbert stared at his brother in confusion. Just where was he going with this?
"Okay so-?"
"It means you're developing a crush on your pen pal." It
:iconsunlessvamp95:SunlessVamp95 310 124
[APH Sim Date: Germany X Reader] Private Tutor by 0xWhaii [APH Sim Date: Germany X Reader] Private Tutor :icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 1,037 674
Romano x Reader: The Family Reunion
I sat there as bored as ever, needing something to do when a thought came to mind. My mother and the rest of my family and those I only now just met sat laughing and playing in the ocean, reuniting as this day called for. Taking out my phone, I dialed the first number I saw and kicked the sand over and over, feeling giddy as I waited for him to pick up.
"Hey Romano, you want to come and entertain me, I'm bored out of my mind here."
"What? What do you mean?"
"I'm at a stupid family reunion and I have no one here that I'd be willing to have fun with. Will you come and play with me?"
"Romano, please, I'm so bored!"
My voice echoed back to me and I sat there for a moment, confused at whether or not he would answer back.
"Fine, where are you at?"
"I'm at my house, the beach, just make sure to bring your swim trunks okay!"
"Sure, I'll be there in ten minutes."
I hung up and hurried back to the porch, grabbing my summer dress that I had worn over my swimsuit and hummed an
:iconenglandpirate13:EnglandPirate13 163 112
Prussia x Reader- I Hate That You're All I Need
Hey guys you need to read the description first before you read so you understand what's going on. This is not a normal songfic. Once you read the description please enjoy this story.
*            *           *            *          *            *            *            *
Reader's POV
Midnight, gettin' uptight, where are you?
You said you'd meet me, now it's quarter to two
I know I'm hangin' but I'm still wantin' you

You were sitting at the bar swirling the olive in your martini and waiting for your boyfriend. He was late. Again. You let out a tired sigh and downed the rest of you
:iconbubblesvx1100531:bubblesvx1100531 274 59
Mature content
Mean!Germany x Stubborn!Reader Part 2 :iconamulet-voltaire:Amulet-Voltaire 131 99
Popular!Denmark x Outsider!Reader Part 3
Popular!Denmark x Outsider!Reader p3
A few days after (Name)'s stay at the Køhler residence, she was back at home, where a nagging mother, an annoying mother's boyfriend, and a bitch of a sister were waiting. 
(Name) sat in her room, curtains closed, door locked, light out. 
Why...was it she thought. 
That day, it wouldn't have mattered how much she'd screamed. Her begs fell onto deaf ears, her tears were ignored. 
But (Name) did not cry. The tears were the reaction to the repeated abuse of her body. She did not cry because she had been betrayed. In that moment, she didn't care anymore. She was just happy that Søren and Tim were at the right place the right time.
Worthless, fucking bitch...
Useless piece of shit...

The words rang in her ears, and never have left them.
Her mother knew what happened that day. She had to join her to court. 
But she didn't know what scars (Name) had to bear from it. 
"Stop..." (Name) croake
:iconmidnightseven:MidnightSeven 181 26
NorwayxReader- Nice Guys
Lukas sat nervously in his car, waiting for you to come outside. You were going on your first date together after being friends for 5 five, and he had only just confessed a few weeks ago. You were both nervous but excited too, you had liked each other for so long.
Lukas was worried though. He wasn't like all of your other boyfriends. They had been total jerks and he didn't see why you had liked them, but for whatever reason some relationships had lasted a long time. He was the complete opposite of them though, being so monotone all the time. He had to find a way to make sure you liked him.
He had to become a jerk too.
You followed Lukas inside the restaurant, stomach going crazy with nervousness. Making your way over to your reserved table, you noticed how he didn't hold the door for you or pull out your chair. It wasn't that big of a deal, you were just slightly surprised. After all, he used to do that for you. You shrugged it off, ready for a great meal.
"So, how was your day Lukas?"
:iconfallenfables:FallenFables 106 65
Popular!Denmark x Outsider!Reader Part 2
"Hey, (Name)!" Matthias said. Classes were over for the day, and he had caught up with her.
"Wanna hang out?"†
(Name)'s expression softened. As much as she hated to admit it, she had gotten used to the obnoxious Dane.
"Fine. I'm bored, anyway." she told him, and Matthias cheered. "Awesome!"
He was cut off by (Name)'s cellphone ringing.
She picked up.†
"Yeah...okay...what? Now? okay, fine. Can I bring someone? Okay, see you then."†
Matthias gave her a questioning look.†
"Change of plans, KÝhler. My mum wants to go eat with me, but she said I could take you."
"Okay...where to?"†
"Follow me..."
(Name)'s mother awaited them in one of those mid- to high-class restaurants. To Matthias, (Name) obviously didn't fit into this league of people, she seemed like an average person.
(Name)'s mother, on the other hand, was dresses in designer clothing and other expensive things.
She could make so much more out of herself... Matthias thought
:iconmidnightseven:MidnightSeven 208 19
Prussia x Reader - UEFA Bet
"Hey, _____, who do you zhink is going to vin zhis match?"  Your friend Gilbert asked as the two of you settled in to watch the upcoming Germany vs  Greece match on ESPN.
You gave a simple shrug in response.  "I don't really know.  Germany has a really good team this year, but I'm kind of rooting for Greece."  You admitted.
Gilbert smirked at your response.  "If you think Greece is going to vin than let's make a bet, liebe."  
"What kind of bet?"  You asked curiously after noticing a mischievous gleam in his eyes.
"If Germany vins this match zhan you have to do vhatever I say for the same amount of days as goals they score, and if Greece vins ve'll just flip it around."
"Fine, you're on."  You said with a smirk before turning your attention back to the television screen to listen to the teams and fans sing their national anthems.
You couldn't help but laugh at Gilbert attempting to sing along to t
:iconmizoriechan:mizoriechan 78 12



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